Timeless Surf Company Stand Up Paddleboard Frame and Instruction Book

Build your own Hollow Wood SUP! The Timeless Surf Co SUP is a nice well-balanced planing hull designed to perform in all conditions. Whether you want to surf or paddle around on lakes and rivers, this shape can handle it all. Featuring a domed deck and thick rails that can be easily built using only 4 triangular strips per side, making this project much easier to build and more versatile than the “bead and cove” or solid rail building methods. Decking and rails can be finished with Cedar, Poplar, Redwood, Mahogany, Spruce, Fir or comparable lumber (not included) and our builders manual will guide you through the process. And as always, you get real-time help from the author and our online community!

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  • 1/2″ machined marine plywood center spine
  • 1/4″ machined marine plywood ribs, slotted to fit the frame
  • Building Your Hollow Wood Stand Up Paddleboard by Chad Stone
  • Real time e-mail support from Timeless Surf Company

Please note: the decking lumber is not included


Length: 11′

Width: 30 3/4″ (78.1 cm)

Thickness: 4 1/2″ (11.4cm)

Finish Weight: about 40 lbs (18kg)

Weight Capacity: 250lbs (113kg)

Recommended Skin Thickness: 1/4″ – 3/16″

Top Questions

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Why don’t blueprints come with the kit?

Typically, builders spend some time with a variety blueprints, before settling on a design to build.  The various designers choose how they sell their blueprints, either keeping it in-house or using resellers such as WoodenBoat and Duckworks. 

How complete are the kits?

 Each designer chooses how complete he wants to make the kit.  All include building moulds and planks; some include many more parts and patterns.  A picture of the parts included in each kit is found under the dropdown list for each designer.

How complete are the kits?

What tools do I need?

 Table saw, chop saw, cordless drill, sharp hand planes and chisels, jig saw, and an assortment of hand tools. 


How skilled do I need to be to build a kit boat?
What kind of plywood do you use?

 Most kits are made from European 1088 okoume plywood.  We use Bruynzeel, Joubert (both manufactured in France) and occasionally Compensati Toro (Italian).  

Where specified by the designer, we use sapele and meranti.  

Can I upgrade my kit to sapele?

Yes, but it may add time to the order.  We keep okoume in stock; there is sometimes a wait to get sapele ordered

Can you change or alter a kit design?

No, we are specifically prohibited from altering a designer’s work, without his express written consent

Are your kits approved by the designers?

Yes, we have signed agreements with all of our designers and pay royalties on all kits sold.  We have no ‘in-house’ designs.

Is lumber included?

No, we have not found it cost-effective to have long lengths of lumber shipped to us and then shipped out to the customer.  Most builders can locally source their own lumber. We have on occasion sourced the lumber, but for most kits, I do not have enough information to supply the lumber

Can I include extra sheets of plywood in the order?


Do you include masts, sails, epoxy, paint, sandpaper, fasteners, and oars?


What is the lead time?

Four weeks on a standard kit.

How do I pay?

You can call in a credit card or mail us a check

Is there sales tax?

No sales tax is charged on orders shipped out of state by common carrier (freight or UPS) Order shipped within state or picked up at our shop are accessed a 5.5% Maine sales tax.

Can I just get the CAD files and mill the parts myself?

We are specifically prohibited by license from sharing the designer’s CAD drawings with another party.


I’m looking for a kit that you don’t list.

We list every Oughtred kit that has been worked up into CAD drawings. If it is a Vivier kit that is listed on his website, we can cut it.  We do not cut the Ilur, Morbic, or Jewell, as another machinist holds the exclusive license for those designs.

I have paper blueprints for a kit that I would like?

We cannot machine parts from paper prints.  They need to be turned into CAD drawings, which is possible, but not inexpensive.

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