Hewes & Company offers custom CNC machining, cabinetry, millwork and finishing services to the marine industry. Our cabinetmakers and draftsmen have worked for some Maine’s finest boatbuilders and can bring a solid understanding of the trade to your project.

What we do

Since 1975, Hewes & Company has earned a strong reputation for fine craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, along with a high level of client satisfaction and professional industry respect.


Over 30 small craft designs for rowing and sailing by Iain Oughtred, Walt Simmons Duck Trap, Paul Fisher, Ruud Van Veelen, Francois Vivier, Andrew Wolstenholme, and DN Hylan .


CNC machining allows for accuracy far beyond full-size mylars and a pencil line. Careful nesting of the parts reduces the material costs. Add scribed centerlines and waterlines. Notched strongbacks insure that station spacing is exact. Never worry again that port and starboard are really symmetrical.


Our cabinetmakers & finishers know the standards and details of fine yacht work, having experience in many top boatyards in the area.


Hewes & Company is proud to be the Marinedeck Distributor for New England and Atlantic Canada, as well as machining all of their prefabricated decking for the America’s. Send us your patterns and we will machine your custom decking layout or buy strips for decking manually.


  • CNC machining hull moulds, cockpit plugs, handrails, half-models, and custom inlays
  • Machining plywood, solid wood, MDF, acrylic, solid surface, and various foams 
  • CAD design services
  • Complete unit assemblies custom designed to precisely fit and drop in any boat 
  • Marine Deck 2000 cork decking full prefab decks from paper patterns or CAD drawings 
  • Corian countertops and shower enclosures
  • Cabinet and passageway doors & frames, companionway ladders 
  • Sheathing, teak decking and cabin soles
  • Skiff kits parts for the homebuilder from many designers
  • Positive pressure spray booth for varnish and other finishes